Apart from Venice, its lagoon and the islands, with a short drive starting from Cavallino Treporti, in one to two hours you can reach many interesting cities or historical places. 

It is difficult to make a list based on the importance, since there are many places that deserve to be mentioned. some for their history, some for the famous persons who stayed there, some for the events they offer.

Most certainly you should visit Verona, which, apart from the significant historical part, offers unforgettable operatic events in the Arena.

Treviso an important medieval town has a corollary of small respectable centers. They start with the enchanting Asolo.

From the historical Oderzo to the “Livelet” Archeological Didactic Park in Revine Lago. Padua, where there are countless monuments and interesting sites.

The Scrovegni Chapel, a true master-piece by Giotto; the Saint Anthony’s Church, which even today attracts millions of pilgrims; the University, the second oldest in Italy; the Observatory Galileo Galilei… the choices are endless. 
Vicenza is the Palladian city par excellence, with the impressive size of the Palladian Basilica and other historic buildings, and featuring one of the most elegant piazzas in Italy.

The town of Bassano is also very charming with the famous wooden bridge; worth a visit is also Marostica with its castle, city walls and the famous Chess Square.


The small town of Cavallino-Treporti is located on a small peninsula between the sea and the lagoon.

The geographical location, the climate, the habitat, the flora and fauna have created a suitable environment for relaxation and contact with nature.
The best way to discover this territory is riding the bicycle. Now there are several bike paths that lead you to dive in and discover the beauty of this area.

For example, there is the bike path that runs from Punta Sabbioni to Cavallino, with the possibility to arrive to the Lighthouses of those locations; the bike path of the fortifications, where you can see the military constructions of the two wars; but certainly the most fascinating is the one leading into the lagoon in Lio Piccolo and Mesole in direct contact with untouched nature.

With the bike you can also visit the island of St. Erasmus, you can obtain all references and directions from the campsite office. Another interesting possibility is to visit by bike the island of the Venice Lido.

Here you can stop even during the period of the Venice Film Festival; or you can continue the excursion and, with a motorboat, passing the enchanting island of Pellestrina, where there are also good restaurants, reach the oasis of wildlife Ca'Roman, in front of Chioggia.

This strip of land has also other potentials. For example, the food and wine is particularly widespread. There are excellent restaurants that use local products, both vegetables and the sea or the lagoon fish, to prepare refined culinary dishes. Even the average level of numerous taverns is notable and there are farms that rediscover the delicious Venetian dishes. More information can be received from the campsite staff that follows this type of activities.


The campsite is only 3 km. from the Punta Sabbioni terminal, where every 30 minutes leaves a boat to Venice - San Marco or to the islands of the Lagoon.

The terminal can be reached by car, by bike following the convenient bike path, or by bus (bus stop outside the camping or at 700 meters from the campsite), which is in connection with the motorboat. To visit the islands of the Lagoon you can depart from Punta Sabbioni, as well as from the Treporti terminal, the distance from the campsite is the same. From the Treporti terminal there are water buses to Burano, Torcello, Murano and Venice - Fondamente Nove.

With private companies you can go hiking even to the small islands of the lagoon, each one of them with a particular charm, such as Saint Erasmus and Saint Frances of the Desert.


Only 12 km from the campsite, you will find the lively town of Jesolo, full of attractions for young and old, with a large pedestrian area measuring almost 10 km.
Shopping, theme parks, restaurants and nightclubs will fill your days and nights with joy and amusement, responding to the tastes of all types of guests.
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